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NITAPIL-Forte - Tablet, Mefro Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd




Mefro Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd

Composition of NITAPIL-Forte
API Quantity
Nitrazepam 10 mg
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Composit uses/ indication of NITAPIL-Forte :

Epilepsy, Infantile spasms, Insomnia, Lennox syndrome, Nausea, vertigo, labyrinthine disorders, Seizures.

Composit contra indication of NITAPIL-Forte :

"Acute narrow angle glaucoma, Myasthenia gravis.
Pregnancy, lactation and children. Severe respiratory insufficiency, sleep apnoea syndrome, severe hepatic impairment."

Composit side effects of NITAPIL-Forte :

Aggression, Anxiety, Anaphylaxis, Drowsiness, Ataxia, Sedation, Dysarthria, Nausea, Constipation, Blurred vision, VertigoX, Hypotension, Loss of libido, Slurred speech, Respiratory depression.

Composit caution of NITAPIL-Forte :

Patients who have uninterrupted sleep of 7-8 hr after ingestion of dose, amnesia, elderly, children, depression, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. increased risk of suicidal thoughts, depression, Avoid alcohol consumption.

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