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PROGYN - Tablet, Scott-Edil Pharmacia Ltd




Scott-Edil Pharmacia Ltd

Composition of PROGYN
API Quantity
Allylestrenol 5 mg
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Composit uses/ indication of PROGYN :

Syntheticprogestogen used to prevent threatened miscarriage, recurrent pregnancy loss andpremature labor.[1][2] In men, it has also been studied as a treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia, with encouraging results.

Composit contra indication of PROGYN :

Hypersensitivity; thrombophleobitis; undiagnosed vag bleeding, incomplete abortion, hormone-dependent carcinoma, cerebral apoplexy, as a diagnostic test for pregnancy; severe hepatic impairment; pregnancy

Composit side effects of PROGYN :

GI disturbances, appetite/weight change; fluid retention, oedema; acnes, skin rash, urticaria; depression, headache, fever, fatigue; breast changes, hirsutism, changes in libido, altered menstrual cycles or irregular menstrual bleeding.

Composit caution of PROGYN :

Diabetes. Exclude pregnancy. Suspicion of thromboembolic disorders.

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