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KETO - Tablet, Cipla Ltd. (Life Science)

Composition of KETO
API Quantity
Ketoconazole 200 mg
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Composit uses/ indication of KETO :

Fungal infections, athlete's foot, ringworm, candidiasis (yeast infection or thrush), and jock itch. tinea versicolor, eumycetoma, Seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Composit contra indication of KETO :

Hypersensitivity, preexisting liver disease, porphyria. concurrent use with cisapride, terfenadine or astemizole.

Composit side effects of KETO :

Headache, dizziness, drowsiness, fever, chills, sensitivity to light, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, breast enlargement in male, impotence, decrease in platelet counts and white blood cells, anemia and projection of skull bone.

Composit caution of KETO :

Hepatic impairment, monitor liver function regularly. Pregnancy, lactation. Predisposition to adrenocortical insufficiency. Discontinue treatment if there is persistent or worsening of liver enzyme elevation.

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