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Femilon - Tablet, Infar (India) Ltd.




Infar (India) Ltd.

Composition of Femilon
API Quantity
Desogestrel .15 mg
Ethinyl Estradiol 0.02 mg
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Composit uses/ indication of Femilon :

To prevent pregnancy. It is a type of contraceptive, sometimes known as the pill or mini-pill.

Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, Gonadal dysgenesis, Heriditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia, Hormone replacement for menopausal symptoms, Hormone replacement therapy, Menopausal symptoms, Oestrogen deficiency, Osteoporosis prophylaxis, Pre-ovulatory mucus, Prostatic cancer, Acne, Contraception, Endometriosis, Hirsutism, Menstruation disorders.

Composit contra indication of Femilon :

Hypersensitivity.Undiagnosed vaginal bleeding, breast cancer, pregnancy, lactation. Thromboembolic disorders. History of seizures. Markedly impaired liver functions.

Uterine, liver and mammary carcinoma, thromboembolic disorders. Pregnancy, lactation, untreated endometriosis, jaundice, undiagnosed vag bleeding.

Composit side effects of Femilon :

Menstrual irregularities, nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, breast discomfort, gynecomastia, depression, skin disorders, disturbance of appetite, wt changes, fluid retention, oedema, changes in libido, cholestatic jaundice, hair loss or hirsutism.

Impotence, Gynacomastia, Chloasma, Pulmonary embolism, Hypertension, Venous thromboembolism, Endometrial carcinoma, Endometrial hyperplasia, Cerebral thrombosis, Gall bladder disease, Liver tumors, Breast carcinoma, Coronary thrombosis, Dizziness, Nausea, Vomiting, Weight gain, Intermenstrual bleeding or spotting, Chloasma, Cholestatic Jaundice, Vaginal candidiasis.

Composit caution of Femilon :

Heart disease, sex-steroid dependent cancer, past ectopic pregnancy, malabsorption syndromes, functional ovarian cysts, active liver disease, recurrent cholestatic jaundice, history of jaundice in pregnancy, history of CV or renal impairment, DM, asthma, epilepsy, migraine, depression and thromboembolism, lactation.

Cerebrovascular disorder, coronary artery disease or venous thromboembolism. It should be used with caution in children

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