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Enace D 5 - Tablet, Abbott Health Care (P) Ltd.

Enace D 5

Enace D 5


Abbott Health Care (P) Ltd.

Composition of Enace D 5
API Quantity
Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg
Enalapril Maleate 5 mg
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Composit uses/ indication of Enace D 5 :

Diabetes insipidus, Edema, Heart failure, Hypercalciuria, Hypertension, Nephrolithiasis, Oedema, Proximal renal tubular acidosis, Exercise induced hyperkalemia, Osteoporosis, Renal hypophosphatemic rickets.

Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor used in the treatment of hypertension and some types of chronic heart failure.

Composit side effects of Enace D 5 :

Hypomagnesemia, Hyponatremia, Hyperuricemia and gout, High blood sugar, Hyperlipidemia, Hypercalcemia, Headache, Nausea/vomiting, Photosensitivity, Weight Gain, Pancreatitis, Hypokalemia.

Hepatotoxicity, Anaphylactoid reactions, Angioedema, Acute renal failure. Dizziness, Fatigue, Rashes, Dry cough, Taste disturbances, Azotemia. Hypotension.

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